Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Penalty Shot: What About Bob?

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

Daniel has returned to California. We'll let him unpack. In the meantime, I thought we could take a look at Bob Murray's Draft history.

Using the information on hockeydb.com, I've constructed a simple chart of Murray's draft choices in Chicago. I've included his three years as GM (97-99), as well as the preceding years, where he served as Director of Player Personnel for the Blackhawks (91-96). This is, by no means, an indication of the players that Murray is likely to draft-- just a bit of information to round out your expectations of Bob Murray when he's the Triggerman on Draft Day.

However, for any fans expecting a continuation of the Burke administration's Drafts, I would like to point out that Murray set himself apart from his predecessor at the Trade Deadline (a holiday from which Burke regularly abstains), and that there are some new faces and some old faces with louder voices whispering in Murray's ear this year.

First, note that the Ducks have a new Director of Amateur Scouting this season: Martin Madden. Former Director, Alain Chainey, has stayed on as Asst. Director, but there IS a new sheriff in town. Madden's quite partial to The Q(mjhl), and I'm sure he'll make a mark on this year's selections-- the Ducks wouldn't have hired him otherwise. Also note that David McNab may have more pull than he's had in recent seasons. I see more NCAA Penalty Kill posts in my future.

On to the chart. For some draft board perspective, it should be noted that: Daniel Cleary was selected ahead of Brenden Morrow in 1997. Mark Bell was selected ahead of Nik Antropov, Alex Tanguay, Simon Gagne and Scott Gomez in 1998. And in 1999, Steve McCarthy was the second to last defenseman drafted in the 1st Round, BUT he was drafted ahead of 2nd Rounders Jordan Leopold and Mike Commodore.

Information compiled from Hockeydb.

Information compiled from Hockeydb.

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