Friday, July 10, 2009

Penalty Shot: Headlines From Under the Radar

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

I just wanted to post some Duck-relevant news that may have flown under the radar.

-There will be no prospect Conditioning Camp for 2009
According to official Ducks blogger Adam Brady, Anaheim will be skipping the prospect Conditioning Camp this year. Last year, the development camp was held the weekend before July 4th at Anaheim Ice, and it showcased the Ducks' enitre 2008 Draft Class, as well as a number of other key prospects. However, this year, the organization has decided not to host the camp.

It's possible that many of the prospects will be invited to Training Camp at the end of the summer, though Igor Bobkov, who was slated to miss camp due to visa issues, may still be unavailable.

-Travis Moen signs with the Canadiens
The terms of this year's trade with San Jose state that if San Jose re-signs Moen or Huskins, and Anaheim does not sign the other player, then the Sharks must turn over their Fourth Round pick in 2012. As the Sharks signed Huskins and the Canadiens signed Moen, Anaheim finds itself with another draft pick in a couple of years.

-Two Ducks Games on the Kings' Preseason Schedule
The Ducks have yet to release their pre-season itinerary, but they appear twice on the 8-game slate that LA announced on Wednesday. One game will be at Staples Center (Sept. 19), the other at Honda Center (Sept. 27), which is rather surprising, considering the Kings will be playing almost half of their pre-season games in non-NHL cities: Kansas City against the Islanders, Las Vegas against the Avalanche and Ontario (CA) against the Sharks.

-Major Change Brewing in The Minor League?
Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton of San Diego News Network reports that talks have resumed between former San Diego Gulls owner Ron Hahn and the Anaheim Ducks regarding the possibility of a San Diego AHL affiliate for the 2010-11 season. The San Diego Tribune had previously reported discussions between the parties in March of 2008.


Unknown said...

Thanks for some of this information. I always wonder what they mean by "conditional pick in _______". I knew it had to do with re-signing a player and all, but you never really here the exact details to it. Thanks and glad to know we got another pick down the line. Now if Toronto would just re-sign May, we'd get I a sixth round pick this next draft. Or May Day can just come back to the Ducks. :D

Anaheim Calling said...

You're welcome, mR. BlUe.

Media outlets usually report the conditions if they're simple, but there were FIVE attached to the Sharks trade, since both pro players were set to be free agents. reported the stipulations in their trade deadline coverage:

Burke will probably keep May. He's had him since Vancouver. No reason to part with him now.

Chris (aka Ducks54) said...

Thanks for the 411! I noticed that too about the Kings' preseason schedule. Kinda odd, but I'm not complaining. If I can see that rivalry play twice close to home in the preseason, all the better!