Saturday, September 19, 2009

Penalty Shot: Continued Cuts

The Ducks cut seven more from the roster today, sending Brandon McMillan back to Kelowna and shipping Shawn Weller, Brett Festerling, MacGregor Sharp, Maxime Macenauer and J.P. Levasseur to San Antonio.

Interestingly, Brian Salcido was assigned to Manitoba. Randy Carlyle and Bob Murray have a history with the Moose and the Canucks organization generally, and I'd venture a guess that the move is a goodbye to Brian Salcido. It should result in a minor trade, though the OC Register reports he'll have to clear waivers to assume a post in Manitoba. This is at odds with initial reports that Salcido signed a two-way renewal in July. Despite favorable opinions from the front office (which is really the only reason he made my Top Prospects list), Salcido has completed three full seasons in the AHL and was due for a change of scenery if he couldn't crack the Ducks roster this offseason.

Fellow blueliner Brett Festerling, who signed a two-year renewal this summer, is the first defenseman headed to Texas in the Ducks defensemen melodrama. Despite being the first cut from the D-corps, Festerling's 40 NHL games and 1 playoff game last year make him logical trade bait.

This was Anaheim calling to the hockey world. Keep your eyes on the minor trade news tickers.


Andrew Hamilton said...

I like your insight and analysis in regards to today's cuts - makes me want to know the list of who is left. Again, thanks for the post!

Anaheim Calling said...

Thanks, Andrew.

Obviously, without an AHL affiliate, we can assign our players anywhere, but it's a good opportunity to give another organization a look at someone we want to move, and Salcido is definitely a candidate for that. And seeing as we've taken more than a few players on recommendations from Vancouver and Manitoba, it's only logical we'd return the favor, that is, if the front office is as high on him as they said they were.

As far as who's left, I put together this list, working off the Training camp roster here:
and factoring the reported cuts, including today's cuts of Beleskey, Sexton and Pielmeier.

We should still have:
Forwards - Artyukhin, Bodie, Brown, Carter, Calder, Christensen, Donally, Ebbett, Getzlaf, Koivu, Lupul, MacMillan, Marchant, McCue, Nokelainen, Parros, Perry, Ryan, Selanne

Defensemen - Boynton, Brookbank, Cullimore, Eminger, McCarthy, Mikkelson, Mitera, Niedermayer, Sbisa, Whitney, Wisniewski

Goaltenders - Giguere, HIller, Pogge

Remember that Calder and Cullimore are tryouts and Christensen reportedly won't be playing this preseason-- not sure what that means for his prospects of vying for a roster spot.

Andrew Hamilton said...

Wow - thanks for the updated list (I was not expecting you to update) - I even verified the # of players you listed (19 forwards, 11 defensement and 3 goalies) to the Ducks website of 33 players.

Amazing we have 10 players to cut - I cannot imagine how that is going to look (my guess is that we cut 1 goalie, 4 defensemen and 5 forwards).

Thanks again for your response!

Anaheim Calling said...

No problem. Always happy to help.